Shooty Rocks is an endless space shooter for iOS inspired by the arcade classic Asteroids but in 3D!

Survive for as long as you can shooting apart or avoiding asteroids as they orbit the Earth. Compete against your friends on the Game Center leaderboard and share your high score death cam selfie on Twitter.

If you don't like the gyroscope based steering method you can switch it to touch screen controls where the right hand side of the screen turns right and the left hand side turns left. Press both sides of the screen at the same time to fire. The toggle is in the about menu at the bottom right of the game over screen.

Shooty Rocks is available in the AppStore from 25th December for FREE!

We have lots of ideas for future features including multiple planets, multiple ships and even multiple players! If you have any ideas that you want to see let us know at @shootyrocks




We collect anonymous user play data to improve the game, this includes your IP address, your high score and device details to help us identify bugs